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Anomaly 2 .apk and Data Full Version For Android (Powervr, Mali, Tegra)

All About Tower Offense vs. Tower Defends
Anomaly 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Anomaly Warzone Earth. Maintain the core elements of the original, Anomaly 2 adds new features to single-player and finally put your skills to the test in the experience truly unique money: tower defense tower offense vs. dynamic multiplayer modes!
In the years after the 2018 invasion of Earth, the planet is overrun by alien machines. Humans are on the verge of extinction. United in a large convoy, they look for the frozen tundra for food and supplies. Since the war, the role has been reversed: now we seem to be Anomaly species on a planet controlled machine. Your convoy, Commander, called Yukon.

Download Links :

Anomaly 2 untuk Mali 400: (1,2GB)
Anomaly 2 untuk Powervr: (1,2GB)
Anomaly 2 untuk Tegra: (1,4GB)

Download Football Manager Handheld 2014 .apk + Data ( v5.1.2) For Android and Review

Exactly 2 weeks after removing the PC version of Football Manager 2014 , SEGA released along with Sports Interactive Football Manager Handheld ( FMH ) in the 2014 version of the iOS and Android platforms . There are several new features offered in FMH 2014 SEGA . The features of course add to the excitement you in organizing a football team . For those of you who love soccer , do not miss reading this review , yes . : D

The basic concept of FM FMH no different with the PC version , here you will act as a manager in charge of the care team bring you success . Not only successful in terms of degree , but also in financial terms , the relationship with the players , the fans and the media . Just as the life of a football manager in the real world .

To achieve success in terms of title , a lot of things that you must consider, one of which of course your team tactics . In FMH 14 , you can make innovations in implementing your strategy . Here you can put strategies tiki taka ( which is now longer a trend ) or also the strategy of " parking the bus " to the team that you foster . But unfortunately , I can not give direct instructions to the players as in the PC version . Though I feel a direct instruction to players is very supportive tactics that we implement into the team .

In Football Manager , you must not forget the talented young players . If you are the type of manager who stingy to spend money , take advantage of young players is one of the key ways to achieve success . At FMH , utilizing the features of the training of young players could be one way to put out the talent of the players . You can give the focus to what to do the players in training .

Example : If you have a talented striker , you can increase the workout in for the attacking players , while the lower exercise you can endure . So also for the physically weak players , etc. . Be careful in determining the exercise portion of the player , it could be due to many players exercise you actually suffer injury .

Side transfer is one that improved in this game . You will not find a transfer " preposterous " as the previous edition . In FMH 14 , SEGA also provide the latest clauses like those in the original contract players . For example, there is a clause that states the player will drop out if the manager decides to leave ( or get fired ) . Of course you have to activate the clause was used when extending the player's contract .

Other recent features that are very useful in the FMH 14 is feedback given after we go through the game . You can find out what is running in your strategy you employ . Like the striker could not hold the ball or no support from midfield . Not only that, there are 14 in FMH tracking features to our players . It is also very supportive of you as a manager in observing the development of players , especially wonderkid you have.

One that probably will keep gamers interested FMH14 FM lovers are additional game modes such as create a new team . The point ? So here goes , here you can make a team full of players you artificial . You can give a name to each player freely available . Not only you , can determine which league where the players want to play . This is a feature that is fairly interesting and also quite fresh .

In addition to career mode , you can play in challenge mode . In this second mode , you can not choose which team you want to practice . You will be randomly assigned to a team who are having trouble . Your job of course raised the ailing team as soon as possible . The main purpose of this mode is to prove you are a reliable trainer .

There are shortcomings that I experienced at FMH 14 , namely the lack of a press conference before or after the game . Whereas in the release , along with SI SEGA said an increase in the interaction with the media . It seems this problem is only present in Android gadget alone . My friend who uses S3 and Asus Nexus also does not have a press conference menu . While in iOS so far safe . Hopefully SEGA 's fix in the next update .

For the graphics side , FMH 14 itself is still using 2D in describing a team that was playing . It reminds me of the game FM 2006 version (formerly CM ) using the same 2D graphics . One more thing that I think needs to be improved match engine is being used . Sometimes I get my players are already faced with an opponent goalkeeper , suddenly he passes the ball to a colleague behind him . It will never happen in the real world .

I experienced a shortage both in this game is a side soundnya . If you like the same football , something was missing when no fans were cheering when our team scored . Either I do not understand why SEGA and SI did not give sound when we were playing .
Pricing and IAP

Football Manager Handheld 2014 is available in the App Store for USD $ 95,000 and also on Google Play at a price of $ 10. With the high price does not mean the game is free of the IAP name . SEGA IAP provides features such as club officials who get sugar daddy ( his money will not run out ) , can not be fired as long as 10 years or could also coached the National Team .

But here are just IAP is optional and I think you do not need it because with the IAP balance and challenge to the game play will also be reduced .

I myself do not like the feature can not be fired . For you know , one of the challenges in this game is to bring you the team as successful as possible so as not to get fired by the club officials . If you can not get fired , then where is the excitement of this game ?

I feel , Football Manager Handheld created for you who like to organize a football team but not particularly want to be bothered with the details of existing as on the PC version . The proof , for 2-3 hours I was able to finish the season half over . While in the new PC version I could finish the first season for more than 9 hours .

Despite the absence of sound and also the press conference , I still feel this game is one of the best football simulation game . Especially given some of the latest features that are quite useful and fresh . For those of you who are happy with the football , do not hesitate to make this game downloads !

Download Links :
Install apk.
Extract and copy fmh2014_data map into /sdcard/Android/obb/ COPY HERE
It should look like this /sdcard/Android/obb/fmh2014_data
Launch the game.





v5.0.2 Download full version Apk file: HERE

Dodge & Roll Full .apk Download and Review - Sure Enough With Reflex You ? Think again !

If you ever play the hardest game in the world aka worldshardestgame you will be instantly familiar with the game Dodge & Roll which I will review this time . Here you will act as a snowball that must collect and cold orb reaches a predetermined exit hole .

In concept sounds simple , collect orbs and then go to the exit hole , but it seems you and I know why I carry worldshardestgame . Yep , Dodge & Roll besides having similar gameplay also has a high degree of difficulty , it is not as difficult as worldshardestgame but you will still be made to cry by this game .

Snowball control can be done by using a virtual joy - stick located on the bottom left of the screen. Unfortunately the controls are not so nice to use and actually makes the game more difficult than as it should . I actually was ready to give up but fortunately tilt controls in the option that makes the Dodge & Roll can still be played . There's only one problem , if you do not have a smartphone IPS screen ( the screen looks bright seen from any angle ) then you will find it hard to play because you have a smartphone twirling .

In the early levels you will find a small obstacles such as water and rocks that will slow the snowball . As the level increases you will also find fireballs that will be able to make you game over . Around level 5 or 7 Dodge & Roll begins to show its fangs by firing a fireball so much on the screen . If you can not wait to see the pattern of the fireball and you will be game over with ease . Each fireball has the timing and pattern of attack so that by studying this pattern you can dodge well .

Finding patterns of attack is the main part and also the most fun part of this game . In the second world you will even find that the fireball will strike simultaneously in one screen and there is no way out in sight possible . But in the final seconds , you can see one hit by a fireball singed snowball and it paved the way for you . It will be part of trial & die in this game , but it is part of the fun .

Besides relying on reflexes alone you can also use power - ups to help when a level has been really makes you mad . There are 4 kinds of power - ups that you can use start to teleport to make snowball quickly . As far as I play , power - ups just are optional and are not required to complete a level .

This game has 4 world with 15 levels , so the total you will have 60 levels of fun . Each level also has a star system where the faster you finish , the more stars you will get ( maximum of 3 ) . If you're a perfectionist then this system will make you want to repeat yourself and see if you were able to get 3 stars. Every time you finish a world , you will also get access to endless levels where you can try to survive as long as possible from the onslaught of fireballs .

I do not have many complaints about this game except the virtual joystick controls the less responsive , but fortunately there is still a type of tilt control . Easy to be recommended for those who are looking for games that test timing and reflexes .

Download Links :

Guns Toasters Full .apk For Android Toast Time - Game & Tower Defense shoot'em Up With Guns Toasters

Time to bake bread ! Toast Time , this is the title for a unique retro games from Force of Habit already appeared first to Android on the last date of 30 September 2013 . The plan of this game will also be released for iOS on February 6, 2014. Then the game is this ?

Basically you have to protect a clock that is in a blob that level of attack always comes through time . How to throw toast , cakes , and other objects of TERRY ( ejecting toast recoil and reload system) a toaster machine .

There is time to reduce the rate of incoming enemy too much , you can drink coffee that will make the enemy become slower while at the same time you will increase rapidly . Consists of 16 types of breads and cakes that will be your weapon , Toast Time will be a shoot'em up game and tower defense is pretty weird but also unique .

Download Links :
Apk :已付费版_android.apk

Download Loot Hero .apk For Android - Game Action RPG With The Simple Graphics Retro

If you 've read the title of this review, you must already understand that this game is intended for those casual players ( gamers midcore may well be ) . No wonder , because now practically dominate the casual gaming in the smartphone game . You are looking for a simple RPG game , read this article , because I am sure you would like to Loot Hero .

In Loot Hero , you will play as a hero who wants to save the world from the legendary dragon attacks . Your task here is to reach the place where the dragon was and of course beat him . In total there are 5 stages you have to go through to meet up with the dragon .

Loot Hero using side-scrolling system which means that here you enough tap and hold the right of the screen to advance to the right and vice versa . To go to the dragon stage , you have to pass through each stage that the flute is also guarded by a monster bosses . Of course , you have to beat if you want to go to the next stage .

Loot Hero | Screenshot 1

But , before you beat the boss who is between the edges of the stage , you have to get rid of the little monsters that block your path first. The little monsters will be stronger according to the difficulty level of each of its stages . The point here , stage 1 will have difficulty level 1 , stage 2 has a difficulty level 2 and so on . So , if you've managed to defeat the dragon that are at the threshold stage 5 , you will return to play in the first stage but the difficulty level was 6 and so on .

Hero you here using a leveling system , in which to raise the level of your hero , you have to take all the loot that is in the way . Loot that you could be of little monsters , as well as level up or defeat the boss . Along the way , there will be a check point at the same place for leveling up your hero and also adds to your phone . Here you can raise levels of Attack , Critical , Defense and Speed ​​also continuously on the condition that the amount of loot to raise those statistics will be more and more .

Loot Hero | Screenshot 2

As the level of difficulty you will continue to grow if it had managed to defeat the dragon , you will be asked to play an earlier stage in order to get loot to raise your stats . I myself have played through 21 levels of difficulty . I had to repeat some stage lower level of difficulty in order to get loot to raise my Attack skill that is more expensive .

Loot Hero | Screenshot 3

Loot Hero developer chose to use a retro graphic presentation of this game . And in my opinion , the graphics are also fairly well presented . You can see the environment given in each stagenya different and good to look at . Maybe some players will not like the retro graphics , but I have to admit though choosing retro graphics , presentation of the game is fairly good .
Pricing & IAP

Android users can get a bit lucky because Loot Hero for free on Google Play . While iOS users have to pay for this game for $ 0.99. Even so I felt the price was a fair price for you to redeem the sake of this game .

For the free version , available IAP provided by the developer where you can buy the ring to get more Loot and XP . Ring cheapest price is $ 0.99 to get 25 % more XP and Loot . I myself feel very IAP provided no force as long as you wait for the stage that is always repeated in order to achieve more loot .

Loot Hero is an RPG game with retro graphics are very simple but fun to play. The level of difficulty are manifold will make this game more challenging for them the casual player . I myself suggest you try this game , because I am sure , this game is perfect for you to play while you are waiting for cool .

Download Links :

Rush Toy Unlimited Money/Tickets .apk and Review - Game combined CoC , Card Battle , and Tower Defense

Maybe you are fed up with the game -type Clash of Clans ( CoC ) as most games are only changed the theme without changing the mechanism of his game significantly . However, saturation seems you will soon end up as developer Uber Entertainment is currently rolling out a beta version of the game a more revolutionary style CoC Rush named Toy .

This game tells the story of the battle between the toy town of resources in order to fight the ticket in the form of an in- game currency and the good news there is only one currency here is the ticket earlier. Actually there is one more currency that functions like a gem in the CoC in the form of bottle caps and bottle cap that you can not get through the resources of the building , but you can only get through IAP alone .
Regarding the mechanism of its gameplay , I had a little leak through the title of this article that Toy Rush is a combination of the CoC , battle cards , and tower defense . Difficult to imagine ? Ok , first I will explain its CoC element first. You are assigned to make the city containing buildings and military resources . As an example ticket printing every second building , storage building to accommodate the tickets that you collect , and do not miss defensive buildings such as the turret so that if there are players that strike you can retain your ticket .
You also can attack other players with random matchmaking method . When you successfully strike another player then you will get a percentage of the ticket is owned by the city that you are attacking , whereas if you are attacked you will lose a few percent of ticket you have. Very CoC is not it?
Rush Toy Preview | Screenshot 2
Rush Toy Preview | Screenshot 3
Now we enter the second point , namely the elements of the card battle . Elements card battle in this game you can encounter when you want to establish troops ( Troops ) and want to build new buildings or upgrades .
To do the things that I mentioned just now you must buy card packs are classified into 3 types: the common , uncommon , and rare . Card pack that you buy will give you 5 cards whose content is random . So , have enough ticket alone is not enough to buy troops or buildings that you want, the luck factor is very prominent at all in this game .
Finally we headed to the tower defense points . Tower defense element visible when your city is attacked by another player . Unlike CoC games in general where you can be attacked from different directions without through road ( path ) specifically , in this game the enemy troops have to go through a first path have you design so difficult .
Rush Toy Preview | Screenshot 4
When the enemy forces through the obstacles in the way that you make the resources then they can take you . Well of course your job is to make the flow path convoluted and defense buildings put in sidewalks have you created earlier .
Regarding the graphics , the graphics of this game to be honest I not so good . Noticeably less detailed textures and colors in selected less makes this game interesting atmosphere . Hopefully there will be no change when the game has reached its official launch later phase .
For those of you who can not wait to try this game yourself , you can try to download the game in the App Store Toy Rush Canada . Do not forget that the conditions are that you already have to have ID before Canada App Store .

 Download Rush Toy Mod
Unlimited Money/Tickets

zippy :

==========OLD VERSION==========
Version: 1.4.0 Mod Unlimited Money/Tickets
zippy :

Updated : 18 Free Android Games That Must You Have

Oh free Android game ... who does not like the free games . It used to be a nice free games are a rare commodity , but now all the developers are racing to create exciting games with free prices ( with implementation of the IAP course ) . Here we chose 18 free Android games that should you have in your favorite gadget :


Badland is the game with genre mix between adventure and platformer . In this game you will play as a small creature that must pass through obstacles in each level . By only using one finger to control the character , you have to compete with the level itself quickly because the screen will continue to move from right to left . If you control a character who lag behind , then you will have to repeat the game over and over again .

Badland game won many awards including the Apple Design Award 2013 as the games with the best visuals and gameplay during 2013. You can play 40 levels for free in the Android version of this .

Rock Runner

The core of this game is running, jumping and swinging to reach the finish line . Your character will automatically run to the front of the crashing platforms ranging from the dangerous goods are placed haphazardly , green waste that can not be trampled and others .

Overall the 140 level are designed well enough so that the gameplay feels very fluid and makes the player feel as good at playing it . Rock Runners get 4 out of 5 of the reviews in the Asian Games which you can read below .

Dead Trigger 2

If the first Dead Trigger managed to amaze us with the steady graphics Trigger Dead 2 back with a more powerful graphics and better gameplay . You will find variations mission far more ranging than defend to seek & destroy . Trigger Dead 2 also has a much more authentic recoil , this sequel makes it as one of the compulsory free Android games you have .

Plants vs . Zombies ™ 2

It seemed a sin if does not include Plants vs Zombies 2 on this list . Plants vs Zombies 2 is back with a new system of freemium which means this game will be available for free but some plants can only be obtained by purchasing with cash . But it does not affect his game too much . Plants vs Zombies 2 is a tower defense game that is fun and will keep you busy for quite a long time . Make sure you download this one game .

Ragnarok Valkyrie

 Through Ragnarok Valkyrie you can reminisce with the legendary Ragnarok game ever is booming in Indonesia . Indeed, its mobile version of the game is not exactly the same because it has a presentation and a simpler system , but free games that one is able to bring a lot of memories of Ragnarok Online before .

Hero Forge

Hero Forge has everything I look for in a free game . Good visual quality , the gameplay is fun , abundant features ( including multiplayer ) and the absence of annoying ads . In this game your task is to match 3 or more match to attack the enemy , but as you play you will find that there are many variations in this game . Must-have !

bit Battle

BitBattle is a strategy game where you have to break down the opposing defense while maintaining your own path . BitBattle have many types of forces that you can choose from police forces up to the zombies . Each character has a different attack types so your decision to send troops sequences have a big impact . The game is available for free 100 % without IAP and advertising . A game that is very rare .


FIFA 14 is not completely free , but you still try some fashion and still have fun . FIFA 14 comes with new control and quality improvement here and there. The best ball games for Android ? It is certain . Prepare only 1.5 GB of space for more as the game is quite greedy .

Cut The Rope : Time Travel

Cut the Rope : Time Travel gets full marks in a review that we made . This is a puzzle game graphics have a very cheerful and kind . Level design is also very good and smart , which means you can still play this game according to your abilities . If you want casual so no need to take all the stars are there but if you're a perfectionist then there are many challenges that can test your abilities . Mandatory download .

Real Racing 3

Regardless of the waiting system that invites many scathing comments , Real Racing 3 is still the best racing game that you can get in your Android . Quality graphics and gameplay even arguably almost as gaming consoles . Real Racing 3 also uses a lot of cars with officially licensed so you can see a lot of cool cars passing game .

racoon Rising

Raccoon Rising | Featured Games this one might not be too well known , but the gameplay is offered and stunning 3D graphics quality makes it fit into the category of must-have . All of this is offered to you at a price that is free .

Google Play Link : Raccoon Rising , Free | Raccoon Rising Review
Dream House Days

Dream House Days | Featured

Dream house for two days is a series of games Kairosoft launched at a price of free . But this did not diminish the fun of play . In this game you have to manage an apartment and its occupants and ensure that it remains profitable apartment and its inhabitants happy and successful in their work .

Google Play Link : Dream House Days , Free | Review of Dream House Days
Icon Pop Quiz

Icon Pop Quiz | Featured Icon pop quiz is a simple yet very exciting game and invite curiosity to finish it until graduation . Here you are required to guess a brand / name of the icon that appears . Games work of the nation is also famous to foreign as to PSY Gangnam style using the icon that is in this game as the twitter profile picture !

Zenonia 5

Zenonia 5 is the latest series to the famous RPG Zenonia . Besides having the graphics quality is much better , Zenonia 5 also now have some new classes for you to play . This is free RPG game that should you have in your Android .

Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2 is a game that will make you quite confused . Confused because the game is available at a price as good as free . Basically 2 Stickman Golf is a golf game , but do not expect an ordinary golf course because you're going through a lot of extreme contours of the land as shown above . Super Stickman Golf 2 is one of the best golf game I've ever played and you also should have :) .

Death Rally

Death Rally first played I instantly fell in love with this game . Cool graphics , fun gameplay where you can race while firing at the enemy . Android users are lucky enough because the game is paid for its iOS version . You will also see cameo character is none other than Duke Nukem in this game . Must-have !

Critical Strike Portable

There are some games that try to repeat the glory of Counter Strike , Critical Strike Portable but only capable of providing the sensation similar to Counter Strike . This free game is a must-have for those who love the genre of FPS games .

Heroes In Time

Heroes in Time is a free RPG games the most exciting I've ever played ( both with Zenonia 4 of course : D ) . Value over this game is the story that is not common and fun to be enjoyed . Although using IAP but this game can be attained without buying a penny from the IAP store . Mandatory got .

Google Play Link : Heroes in Time , Free | Review Heroes in Time

Still less ? If so please visit the page Free Android game . On this page , each day we pick the latest Android games and is also free . Have fun !

Hero Forge .apk For Android

Hero Forge has everything I look for in a free game. Good visual quality, the gameplay is fun, abundant features (including multiplayer) and the absence of annoying ads. In this game your task is to match 3 or more match to attack the enemy, but as you play you will find that there are many variations in this game. Must-have!

Download Links :
Apk :

Download Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising Hack Android Apk

Through Ragnarok Valkyrie you can reminisce with the legendary Ragnarok game ever is booming in Indonesia. Indeed, its mobile version of the game is not exactly the same because it has a presentation and a simpler system, but free games that one is able to bring a lot of memories of Ragnarok Online before.

Ragnarok Valkyrie Hack Features:

* Add Unlimited HP and Mana
* Undetectable (100% Guaranteed)
* Simple and accessible design for users. (Plug and Play)
* Works for all Android phones or tablets, and iOS Devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch
* Automatic updates to ensure the hack works fine
* Android APK Version (available only on

Download Links :

The Lawless Full/Unlocked .apk (v1.1.1) For Adroid Download

As you play the game, you play the role of a heartbroken and angry man who has only one thought on his mind, revenge! Help him avenge his brother by defeating the criminals that savagely murdered him, enforcing the law in your own style.

Kill your foes in a variety of ways with our detailed targeting system. Shoot them in the head, heart or wherever else you like, although you might not get a very high score if you shoot them in the hand!

• High Quality graphics

3D graphics that submerge you in the world of The Lawless old west. Dusty bars, lone firing ranges and more will greet you as you explore the old west.

• Fun tap-to-kill game play

Tap your enemies to shoot them before they shoot you. Make sure to get them quickly so that you don't fall foul of any sneaky attacks.

• Hardcore Mode

Feel like something more challenging? Hardcore mode allows you head and heart shots only, whilst also removing checkpoints and shot indicators, so one shot means game over.

• Leaderboards

Try and become the best of your friends whilst making your way to the top of the leaderboards.

• Achievements

Six Unique and interesting achievements for every level, including 3 secret ones. You will need to master each level in a variety of different ways in order to achieve everything.

Download Links :

Download Instructions:


Hero Siege Mod Unlimited Coins Diamond Unlocked .apk (v1.0.3) For Android

Siege Hero is a dual stick game is fairly simple in terms of its gameplay. However , given the action game 's RPG elements still feels exciting to continue to play. I myself successfully made ​​curious to play this game constantly and I 'm sure the game is inspired by Diablo and The Binding of Isaac is mandatory for you to try . Why ? Please find the answer in the review below .

Told , Tarethiel kingdom has been taken over by the creatures of hell . Your mission here is to clean the Tarethiel kingdom and of course Tarethiel free the kingdom from the torment of hell beings are called Damien .

Earlier this game , you will be prompted to choose a hero who would you play . However , there are only 3 hero who can you select 2 hero again with a still undisclosed . Each hero - hero has different skills . For example, the Viking hero who uses an ax as a weapon . Viking require close proximity to be able to destroy the enemies approaching you hero . Despite a strong attack , but the blood of VIking also fairly quickly exhausted .

Siege Hero | Screenshot 1

In Siege Hero , the enemies you'll come flocked from all directions in the form of a wave . Each wave to - 6 and also multiplication , you will be dealing with the boss in order to proceed to the next wave . Which became excitement for me in this game are the enemies you will come frontally and pretty much in the first wave . Additionally , enemies and bosses you will be randomized each wavenya . So , if you're out of luck , you can get a boss that if attacks against you , your phone will be sold out in a flash . : D And here Siege Hero was exciting for me personally .

For control , dual stick like other games , you will use the left button to move the hero while the right button to eradicate your enemies . For me , given the game control is quite responsive and comfortable to use .

The enemy is in Siege Hero also vary . There is a skeleton , spiders , creatures like maggots , and others . You also need to concentrate on defeating the enemies , because the enemies have a secret weapon when you already beat . There are some enemies that will be issued as a meteor which when hit you , you blood can be reduced by half . Fortunately , not only had a secret weapon , your enemies will also provide additional items such as HP which is very useful for you to proceed to the next wave

The next challenge in this game is the lack of features save me . The point ? You see, when you 've been in the 18th wave and lose, you must repeat of wave 1 again . And for me it was a hefty challenge , considering that I 've got to wave 18 with quite a bit of effort and should lose against the boss . I have to accept the fact to have to re- repeat of the first wave again . Strenuous enough and feeling uncertain. : P

Siege Hero | Screenshot 2

Given the enemies that come are many and varied , the strength of your Hero is the most important in this game . You can upgrade your Hero with the points that you get when each level up. In addition , there are also some power - ups that help you in eradicating the enemies you like to add you to the full blood , removes your hero foot , etc. . Gold that you get in this game you can use to upgrade your weapons but only temporary or permanent .

In Siege Hero , there are 3 folders provided by the developer , as well as degree level is divided into 3 . But at the beginning of this game , you can only play one folder only with 1 degree of level ( normal ) to further open up the second and third .

Overall , I am very satisfied with the quality of the game is given in terms of its gameplay. But I feel the developer should give a little tutorial in this game . Because I am still confused how to open a folder or also rate level for a couple of hours playing this game .

Siege Hero | Screenshot 3

When it comes to graphics , Siege Hero uses 2D graphics is fairly good . While choosing to use 16 -bit retro graphics , developers can still give a good presentation . You will see a lot of explosions or enemies are also in the same time , but the game's graphics still look attractive . Which only bothers me in this game is sometimes the enemy and sometimes my hero fighting behind trees blocking my view .
Pricing and IAP

Siege Hero can you get for free on Android and for iOS users must pay $ 2.99 for menjajalnya . I myself play it on my Android and occasional ad appears before I play . For the IAP side , the game is fairly not too pushy . IAP provided developers in this game is the crystal .

Crysal here is useful for you to buy a crystal key , random items , money bag and also skeleton pet . In addition , you can make your hero more appealing to buy accessories using crystals provided. If you do not want to buy a crystal that is in the IAP shop , you can get the crystals to complete the given mission in this game .

Siege Hero is a dual stick games are fun and very potential . For those of you who would like a challenge , I challenge you to try this game and continue to help the hero you root out the creatures of hell , dare he? : P

Download Links :

Direct Download

Music Folder Player PRO .apk (v1.4.4.8) For Android

The features:

* Simple and easy too use

* Clean and slick UI

* Folder based

* Equalizer support with visualizer

* Bass Boost effect

* DSP Manager support

* Bookmarks support

* Sorting support

* Music details

* Sleep timer

* 4x1 widget

* 4x4 widget

* 5 Themes (Black, White, Blue, Green, Grey)

* Lockscreen music controls

* Lyrics support via musiXmatch

* Shuffle songs

* Search functionality

* Resuming music at start

* Setting song as a ringtone

* Pausing and resuming a song on a headset


* Headset control

* Tabs Animation

* 3 default album arts

* 3 Lists modes (simple, detailed, advanced)

* Ability to change text size of the list

* Sending,deleting and renaming songs

* Folder deleting support

* Notification music buttons for android 4.1

and 4.2

* Pauses during phone calls

* Display folders as a list or Hierarchy

* Swipe gesture to change a song (swipe

down to next song, swipe up to previous


* English, Russian,German and Slovak

languages supported

More features coming soon.

If you have any problems don't hesitate to

contact me. If the app crashes it will ask you

to send me a crash


Download Links :



Mobile Friendly Link:

召喚之光 Summon Spark Mod Unlimited Money .apk (v1.0.6) For Android download

Summon Spark " is a side -scrolling

action game. Monster in order to save

the kidnapped princess , you heroes ,

you immediately pick up their

weapons, began to challenge it !

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Breach n Clear .apk (v1.23a) [Proper + All Devices] For Android download


Build your arsenal with thousands of gun combinations, and specialize each

soldier with a combination of perks, tactics, camo, armor, and inventory all

tailored by you. Tune your load-out with consumables like UAV Drones and

Breaching Charges that can change the course of battle!


Each soldier matters, every decision counts. Plan your mission step-by-

step: split up your team and assault the map from multiple entrance points,

set routes and fields of fire, use cover and outflank your foe.


Developed with help from members of the Special Operations Forces

community, Breach & Clear features actual close-quarters combat tactics

and a variety of door-breaching techniques. Soldiers equip real-world

weapons and gear. Firefights take place in real time.

The world of Breach & Clear is constantly evolving, with new maps, gear,

game modes, and squads coming soon.

82/100 - "Rainbow Six meets XCOM." - GamesMaster Magazine

"A thinking man's shooter." - Android Police

Bronze Award - "...when a smartly conceived plan comes together Breach &

Clear is every bit as satisfying as Frozen Synapse or XCOM: Enemy

Unknown.." - Pocket Gamer

"I can’t believe something as impressive as Breach & Clear almost managed

to sneak by me. It’s a fantastic combination of turn-based strategy and

team-based tactical shooter that absolutely should not be missed." -


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Archangel .apk (v1.1) For Android Download


-Embody the Angel of justice and retribution - a celestial being of certain conviction driven by moral absolutes.

-A true gesture & touch based control system designed to give unparalleled control.

-Crush, freeze, pound, cut, immolate and even resurrect fallen foes to fight against their fellow sinners.

-30 levels of intense, martial and spell-casting action.

-Over 100 items to collect, some with unique spells and abilities to add to your repertoire.

-Wager hard-earned spoils at the end of each level for even more treasure—or risk losing it all.

-Achievements to unlock and Leaderboards using Google Play Game Services.

-Have progress automatically saved on the cloud and continue your game on any of your devices.

Android 2.3.3 or above is required.

Recommended Devices: Asus EE Transformer tablet, Motorola Xoom tablet, Sony xperia S tablet, Lenovo Ideatab, Nexus 7 (2012) tablet, Samsung Galaxy S2 (lead device), Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One X, LG 4X HD, Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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Trial Xtreme 3 Unlimited Money/Full .apk (v6.2) For Android


•New, advanced physics engine which revolutionizes gameplay

•76 (!) levels across 4 worlds, and hundreds of new obstacles

•Play alone or head to head against your FACEBOOK friends and random players

•Different high score table for every level

•Customize your bike and rider

•Play with phone’s accelerometer or buttons

What's in this version: (Updated : Jan 8, 2014)

Added 3 new levels to Norway level pack

Minor bug fixes and improvements

Requirements: 2.1+

Overview: Beware ! this Game Will Introduce You to New Levels of Awesomeness!

Play, challenge your friends, Win!
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Dr. Driving .apk (v1.24) For Android

Circuit racing games usually , If there on highways usually racing games and inconsiderate . If you're tired of the same which you may like to try the game begituan Dr . Driving this road racing game in reckless , but fun . Hmm like what it is , see more .

If you hope there is going to hit the game - collision or a shootout in the street like some kind of MMA games Gangster GTA or Vegas , you are wrong . Because even though the streets of this game may not reckless , not a collision may not be nyenggol sidewalks , streets , and one should not have to obey all traffic rules .

Then , he cried where ?

Hmm .. Make no mistake , the game developers highlight what has been made ​​earlier that the game park . In the game players must memparkir vehicle with the right stimulation with a car dashboard controller , where there is a gas , brake , steering wheel , horn , forward gears , reverse gear etc. . And it is taken for something bigger in this game , which is driving a car with a controller like that street . Well you could say as the stimulation drive a car like that lah .

photostrip -2013-07-17-1

Well here's my opinion that makes fun , because we must carefully determine the accuracy of the street or when overtaking another car . Much more difficult than other racing games that just push left or right - right - left oblique .
What type of game are we?

That is certainly not dragrace or GranPrix . Hehehe ... There are several types of games that you can choose , such as Drive efficiently to save fuel , never drift softly Drive , drive fast fast park , drive as fast as you can , Drift etc. . each of these types have the excitement of each so difficult if nentuin tell which one is the most exciting .

During play you will collect the name and also gold coins silver coins . Gold coins are useful for removing advertisiment when playing and silver coins to fix the car because when an accident damaged car is eventually going .

photostrip -2013-07-17-2

In terms of graphics emang not a Wah popular racing games , because these games weve not want to highlight that side. And this strategy is proven by Dr . Driving managed to take care of Android gamers today with a number more than one million downloader , fantastic numbers for a game that has not released a single month .

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FIST OF AWESOME .apk (v1.0.18) For Android

What's New


Added Santa and North Pole to Arenas Mode

Added "Nicoll Likes..." section

Alternative audio system for S2 devices

- Might fix crash issues

Requires Android

2.2 and up

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Asphalt 8 Airborne .apk (v1.0.0) Full For Android

Each event requires a different class of car , so you can not use a car fast in a slow car races . The number of the car is also fairly numerous and there are some new ones like the Bugatti Agera R Vitesse 2013 or 2013. Each car can you upgrade with new components and also change color , but unfortunately there is no customization decal ( which may also have been increasingly rarely used for racing cars now ) .

I 'll be in on the experience racingnya because there is not much change in terms of menus and features . In the 8 Asphalt you will get 2 new modes , namely infection and drift gate . This mode of infection is one of the most attractive mode because here you can drive your car with a full nitro for 20-30 seconds during infection . You can extend the duration of infection with transmit / crashing the other cars . But once the infection time runs out and you will experience overload and the car will be overturned .

Drift gate is actually a modification of the drift mode of the Asphalt series before but this time you will find special places to drift , so it can not just drift in the middle of the road .

What's interesting is the 8 Asphalt series track design a much more solid . Details look more vibrant environment , for example in Tokyo that is filled with lots of buildings and vertical traffic . This means you may be hit from the traffic coming from the side ( the intersection ) . Interaction with various objects also feel more alive , suppose there are opponents who crashed into a light pole then the pole can fall onto the road and make the car behind crashed into the pole .

Another example is when the enemy in front of the truck hit a car length . Sometimes the truck would swerved across the road and into you in seconds should be managed to take another route to avoid the truck ( just like you often see movie ) . The use of the short path also been much in optimization , is now making pathways could affect the results significantly because there is a path that really twisted and far . Amazingly, when there is a shortcut , and you take it you will find another branch in the shortcut path .

The point is there will be many paths that can be taken in this game and it makes gameplay more stable . The selection of the path is no longer functioning as a shortcut while but became an important election and affect the outcome of the race .

Asphalt 8 so far managed to amaze me with all the graphical features and improvements are provided . It is not realistic , but the game is getting more and more fun with a variety of the action . Playing Asphalt 8 does not play a racing game like usual , but more like playing in a racing movie theater scene is very exciting .

Many are asking how the 8 Asphalt : Airborne when compared to Real Racing 3 . I think these two games are not comparable and even complement each other . Graphic quality if measured from the level of realistic then Real Racing 3 is a champion , but the 8 Asphalt able to provide variation of racing track that much more interesting , especially when he was in town with a good level of detail .

Real Racing 3 for me is a game that takes time to wait , and we must be careful not to damage the car once we . I'm not a rider like that , I want to be able to play whenever I want and follow the car in front of me carefully , turn on nitro , hit it right on the back and say " Feel It " . So yeah 8 Asphalt racing game can be more fun for me than Real Racing 3 .

Asphalt 8 is scheduled to release on August 22 with a price of Rp . 9,500 for iOS and Android simultaneously . If you do not buy this game is August 22, so sorry we can not be friends : D Cheers!

Download Asphalt 8 Airborne 1.0.0 Full APK

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Minecraft PE 0.7.3 Pocket Edition .apk For Android

Minecraft is a game similar to the game or worldcraft.Game survivalcraft is composed of block block here we can be creative in a creative fashion. Besides there are also creative survival mode


* Randomized worlds
* Build anything you can imagine
* Build with 36 different kinds of blocks
* Invite and play with friends to your world (local wireless network)
* Save multi-player worlds on your own phone
* Xperia PLAY optimized

Note: Samsung Galaxy Tab users, please test the demo first! If it doesn't start, you will have to update your Android system software version.

What's in this version:

* Added sun, moon and stars
* Double chest
* Quartz slabs
* Cooler title screen
* Many realms improvements
* Bug fixes

Required Android O/S : 1.6+

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