Excalibur - Side Scrolling MMORPG Newest For iOS & Android

Playing offline makes you bored? Then perhaps soon Excalibur to entertain you. This game uses comparatively Side Scrolling MMORPG is unique because there are rarely for mobile gaming. You can choose to be a Knight, Wizard, Archer or Assassin.

Because of this MMORPG then you can play with other people in this game. Excalibur is already set up with 8 types of events that you can play together. Starting from the Legion Battle Arena until 15 Knight of the guild where you can fight with 15 other Knight of the guild.

Although side scrolling but you will also find the standard features such as 3D MMORPG guilds system, gems, runes or blessing. The graphics are used as it looks quite simple but the most important is the control and lag free. Unfortunately until I can try it yourself then there is no certainty about the issues in.

Excalibur will be available for free on the App Store as well as Android in the near future by relying on IAP. There is no definite date but likely 2-3 months away. Because this game is available for iOS or Android then there is a big chance that the server will be merged so you can play with your friends even different operating systems.

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