How to Partition SD Card Android CWM Simple to Use Tools

For Android smartphone users, especially who like customizing the Android operating system, it may not sound ansing with a CWM Recovery software, where the application can be used as the development of our Android operating system, either to add swap, install Custom ROMs, recovery, as well as to partition an external memory. CMW Recovery itself is a software that is devoted to media intermediaries Android operating system developer mode. A little review of the functions of specific CWM Recovery to partition an external memory, such as we often see on a PC / laptop where the hard drive has been partitioned or divided according to need, it also can be done on an external memory our Android. Here's how to partition sd card with a little utilizing Android software Android is a CWM Recovery.

Installing CWM Recovery

As with any other software, the software CWM Recovery, we also require the installation of the software that is installed on the operating system and can be utilized or used. Before continuing on how to partition sd card Android, first prepare CWM Recovery application, many ways to install CWM Recovery, just copy the data from CWM Recovery to the bin directory systems, or also do the installation.

After completing the installation process, then usually every application that we install on our smartphones, will appear the application icon or shortcut, but unlike the case in CWM Recovery application, we will not see CWM Recovery application icon, so to open CWM Recovery we are required to understand the codes in which every smartphone has a different code to open it, for example by pressing the back button when you turn on your smartphone, press the home button and power at the same time, etc. which are used in accordance with the smartphone.

Partition SD Card

After completion of installation and determine the unique key to get into CWM Recovery mode, then the next is to how to partition sd card with a little Android application utilizing CWM Recovery.

* Before proceeding Android how to partition sd card, then we better first backup data contained on our sd card, just to move all the data on your PC / Laptop us, or also to copy data sd card and certainly on PC / Laptop us, because every process either partition sd card, hard drive, etc. will make the process of data format, so that the existing data will be lost when formatted and clean.
* After the first step how to partition sd card Android is complete, the backup data sd card, we can activate CWM Recovery mode in accordance with a smartphone that is being used.
* After CWM Recovery mode is active, the screen will display the option menu only features on CWM Recovery ranging from:
o Reboot system now: serves as the Android operating system restart.
o Appl update from sdcard: update function to update the operating system through the data contained on the sdcard.
o Wipe data / factory reset: function to reset the operating system, so that data such as phone contacts, sms, etc will be deleted.
o Install zip from sdcard: serves as a custom ROM or the installation of the operating system operating system stored on the sdcard.
o Backup and restore: function to discriminate operating system backup and restore operating systems along with data such as contacts, applications installed in the operating system etc..
o Mounts and storage: function to remove or install the sdcard connectivity.
o Advanced: function to a higher setting, the main thing is this option in the article how to partition sd card Android.
o Power off: function to turn off the smartphone.
* The next step how to partition sd card Android is a menu of CWM Recovery After appearing then select the "Advanced" by pressing the volume button that serves as the selection in a vertical navigation, and press home to select execution.
* In step select the Advanced menu how to partition sd card Android, there are some sub menu again, and select OK on the sub menu Partition SD Card.
* After the execution of the sub menu Partition SD Card then we will be required to enter a given volume capacity for Ext partition, in this case have the Ext partition recommended maximum capacity of 1 GB.
* When you have finished volume capacity Ext partition, the next step is filling the capacity to swap volume size, we can fill it or not, according to our will.
* After the first volume of swap partition size, the process will run, wait until the alert "Partition completed", after the partition process is complete then reboot, by pressing the back button to the main menu and select the CWM Recovery and ok "Reboot system now".
* After the reboot is complete then how to partition sd card Android has managed to do.

Thus how to partition sd card using one of the Android recovery tools that CWM Recovery tool development mode as the Android operating system.

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