How to Easily Remove Background Photos Without Using Software That Complicated

Perhaps, some of you there who do not like the software chart. Whether because of its complexity, or maybe not quite understand how consumer, or it could be because you do not like anything complicated. Indeed, such programs often used by professionals, and you need to learn before you can really to take an. Therefore, some people prefer the software easier to use. This happens even when you want to edit an image. For example a specific job, namely to remove the background image, if you will use a program that you think are complicated or program that is easy to use?

If you choose to use a program that is easy to use just to remove the backgroud picture, then you are at right place. We will use a program that is easy to find, and you do not need to use complicated programs. Perhaps, you want a photo without background. So your task now is to use a program that you can use to perform these activities. Here's the program you need to use.


ClippingMagic is a program that will remove the background image easily. You do not need to do activities that will only concern themselves only. In removing background a photo, ClippingMagic will give you enough functionality to help as drag, drop, and drawing on the background. This program will provide essential items for use. Then, how ClippingMagic will work?

After uploading an image, you will see two copies of your images. Supplied with two types of brushes to mark your images, then you can predict which parts you want to delete. Brush with green will leave an image that is around, and with a red brush, whatever you want to delete will be in it. There are four different brush sizes to choose from, and you can use the zoom function so you get more specific in the desired image. You can also choose between 7 different background colors vary or make it transparent. Within 2-5 minutes, depending on the complex sebera your photo, then you will get the end result, which you can save it directly on the computer. Easy is not it?

Broadly speaking, the program is easy to use, and you do not require the installation of long-winded. Simple, and can be used by everyone, and you can remove the background of the pictures that you want. You can use this program here.

MS Office 2010/2013

If you have a programs Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you can easily delete the background image you want. The process is almost the same among the three programs, and you have to insert an image in a new document file. Once you are done, click on the Format tab, and the area under the Adjust, click on the Remove Background. The program will automatically figure out which part is the background image, and mark it with the color purple. Depending on what the picture is complicated as you enter, you can immediately complete the process, or can also customize in advance which areas have not been perfect.

If you want to customize it first, then you can start to match the position around the object, after which the program will automatically detect the background again. If you have not had enough too and it still does not fit, you can use the Mark Areas to Remove and Mark Areas To Keep. This feature will take you to areas around the object you wish to refine. Once all are done well, you can save it. Now, you are able to take an to put document file, or it could just right click and save it as an image file.

If you have a lot of images, this program will also control well. As a note, to use these functions, of course you need MS Office, and if you have been comfortable using it, then this method will remove the background images go well for you.

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