How to Create a Landscape Wallpaper In iOS 7 Based Smartphone

At the 2013 WWDC event, Apple has showcased an exclusive operating system for their handsets, the iPhone. Operating system named iOS 7 is already eagerly awaited by lovers of Apple. Although not yet released to the public, Apple has released a beta version for users who want to taste the iOS operating system on 7 this. One of the extra features is the possibility to make the wallpaper on your handset with a landscape photo that captured the panorama mode.

Many claim that the way to make this wallpaper with panoramic images mimic existing features on the Android operating system. Of course you will always remember how both of these operating systems have long been rivals and always launched various claims copyright to one another. Old cases already known is Apple's feud with Samsung (Android base course.) Now Apple also gives the possibility for the user to use it with the panoramic format images captured with the iPhone.

This panorama camera mode itself is very useful, especially if you are traveling to the tourist area and want to capture a very wide area in the venue. Features panoramic images are presented on the Apple iOS predecessor, iOS version 6. By pulling the camera in the direction specified, the camera on the iPhone will capture some images and then combine them into one image landscape.

Unfortunately, with the way this new panoramic photo was added expensive now. This of course is a bit late, considering that once again it has been used by the Android operating system before Apple released the iOS 7.

So, how do I make this panorama live wallpaper with a panoramic photo in the iOS operating system 7? Here are the steps:

1. Capture anything you think is interesting with the panorama mode in the camera's iPhone.
2. After capturing images with the panoramic camera mode, go to the Settings option.
3. On this option, go to the option Brightness & Wallpaper.
4. In the choice of wallpaper, select Choose Wallpaper.
5. In this option, you must select the option Panoramas.
6. Choose a picture of you that already capture the panorama camera mode.
7. After selecting an image, there will be a Preview option and Set.
8. Tap the Preview section to see how the pictures you choose to use as a live panoramic wallpaper.
9. Tap Set if you are unsure of the image you will use as a live panoramic wallpaper.

After passing through the steps you've can enjoy a panoramic view on the homescreen and lock screen on your iPhone handset later. Images used will appear as in-panning around the screen on the iPhone.

The thing to remember is this way only can use the previously captured image with the panoramic camera mode. If you use images from the usual photo shoot, the pictures that will appear will not be a live panoramic wallpaper as you would expect.

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