Computer Tips Tricks - How to Open the Hidden Settings In Web Browser

Web browser is an application that serves as an intermediary to open a web site. In most applications, there are features in it already setting, which allows you to adjust the application, as well as on any web browser, in which there is certainly a feature settings (settings / options). But the difference is contained in an application, there is a web browser for the settings (settings / options) that is hidden in order to serve as a setting that has a higher rate, due to the higher settings, there are also certain things that can affect the performance, security as well as the stability of the web browser. See because of the risk resulting from the higher settings, the computer tips tricks this time may be just to add insight.

Computer tips and tricks to open the settings (settings / options) are stored in three web browsers that we use are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The following tips computer tricks to open the web browser settings are stored.

Google Chrome

On every web browser is easy to find the feature setting us (settings / options), as well as that found in Google Chrome, we just clik icon menu on the top right corner (Customize and Control Google icon), and then at the bottom line we know, the function settings (settings / options) are also on Google Chrome, but in computer tips tricks this time, we will try to open the settings are hidden by the Google Chrome web browser by typing in a code setting in Google Chrome address bar, to find out what arrangements we can go through the address bar, type "chrome :/ / about", it will show a list-list of high-level arrangements that we can use. However at this time computer tricks tips, we will try to open the hidden flag settings by typing in the address bar "chrome :/ / flags", as we enter the various settings of flags that can be utilized, this example we will activate the shortcut Google Chrome on Windows Taskbar setting point by selecting "Show Chrome App Launcher" and click enable, after it came out of the web browser and look at the windows taskbar, there will be a new shortcut that Google Chrome Launcher.

Mozilla Firefox

So also in the web browser Mozilla Firefox which has a hidden setting, in order to high-level settings on the web browser Mozilla Firefox. To open the settings (settings / options) that are common in the web browser Mozilla Firefox, click the Firefox menu located on the top left corner, then select and click on Tools, then select and click settings (settings / options) or Firefox-> Tools-> Options to open the Mozilla Firefox the default settings, but if you want to open a high-level settings on the web browser Mozilla Firefox.

as well as on Google Chrome, to unlock hidden settings that you type in the address bar of a web browser, the Mozilla Fifefox address bar type "about: config" and press enter, after which it will appear that lists various hidden settings, the computer tips tricks this time , we will activate the tab previews, in which when we press Ctrl + tab will display a preview of the pages of our website are open. When it appeared list various settings of Mozilla Firefox, then type in the search bar "browser.ctrlTab.previews", after the meet, change the value to the right-click, and select Toggle, to try whether the arrangement is successful then try to open a website on the web browser Mozilla Firefox, then press "Ctrl + Tab", when the preview pages that are opened using Mozilla Firefox appears, computer tips tricks berarrti enable tab preview in Mozilla Firefox is successfully done.

Internet Explorer

Slightly different in the web browser Internet Explorer, because it is the default web browser on Windows, so to determine the high-level settings, such as the web browser is not that we have discussed above (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox). For Internet Explorer web browser we can discriminate with a high degree setting type in the search form windows "group" and select "Edit Group Policy" and click, Edit group policy after it has been open, the next step is to open the folder "Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Internet Explorer "after entering into the Internet Explorer folder, then on the right of the Local Group Police Editor / contents from Internet Explorer folder, that's where the files are high-level settings on the Internet Explorer web browser, the samples taken at the tips computer tricks for hidden settings on the web This time the browser is Internet Explorer eliminates Tab features found on Internet Explorer by selecting and double-click on the file "Turn Off Tabbed Browsing" which is on the content of Internet Explorer, when met "right click" select "edit", after the edit form appears then select the Enable radio button option found on the left side, then click Apply and Ok.

To try out the results of high-level settings on the computer to enable tab tips tricks off the web browser Internet Explorer, open the Internet Explorer web browser, if there is no plus icon (to add a new tab) settings have been successfully carried out, and if there are is fail .

Similarly, computer tips tricks unlock hidden settings on any web browser, be careful in using such a high level because the settings can affect performance, security and stability of web browsers

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