Xtreamer Aiki 5 Smartphone Review

Perhaps the most people have heard or even used the product from Xtreamer. Most people would know Xtreamer as a brand that has been attached to the audio products. The products are mostly made by Xtreamer multimedia player complete with accessories. But now being released this time is not a product but a kind of smartphone multimedia player. And it seems this is the first smartphone made by Xtreamer that circulated in Indonesia. These products are labeled Xtreamer Aiki 5. Not surprisingly, to attract customers, Xtreamer provides many unique and interesting features in its products. One is to bring the Android operating system that has been dirooting. And perhaps this is the first Android smartphone in rooting when it came out of the factory.

Design and Display

Xtreamer Aiki 5 has dimensions 146 X 11.6 X 78.25 mm and weighing 223 grams. The Xtreamer products using touchscreen with 5 point touch capacity. Devices made by Korean-Americans who diasembling China's network uses the dual sim at the same time and receive phone calls from both the sim. In design with a screen of 5 inches Aiki 5 combined using a resolution of 800 X 480p so that makes you comfortable while watching movies, playing games, and the other with a sharp display. By using the on screen keyboard SwiftKey system allows you to feel comfortable with elegant touchscreen.


At the performance, Xtreamer Aiki 5 comes equipped with MTK6575 processor which has a speed of up to 1 GHz and 512MB of RAM, so you can do multitasking smoothly. This new smartphone using the Android operating system support for Ice Cream Sandwich, making it easier for users to communicate. Aiki 5 also comes with support for 41 languages ​​and you can type in up to three languages ​​at once. Equipped with easy access to rooting so help you run applications that require terms in rooting.

Connectivity and Memory Storage

At smarphone made by Xtreamer you can surf in the virtual world by using a 3G data connection. Additionally, Xtreamer Aiki 5 also provides WiFi connection so even easier for you to surf the internet. Not forgetting also provided the Bluetooth A2DP and microUSB that helps make it easier to connect with other mobile devices. While in the storage memory, this smartphone comes with 4GB of storage memory and if the user still needs greater storage was supplied microUSB slot that can be expanded to up to 32 GB of external memory.

Camera and Battery

Smartphone Xtreamer Aiki 5 uses 2200 mAh battery for download tenagai device. Battery with 2200 mAh capacity battery is the most powerful and can last 24 hours, and that means you only need once in a day to do pengechasan. While on camera, Aiki 5 uses a 5 megapixel resolution and uses interpolation software embedded in the camera application to upgrade up to 12 megapixels. You can also do video chat using the front camera that uses a resolution of 0.4 megapixels and can record VGA resolution.

Other Features

There are many features that are embedded into the smartphone market that target this medium. on multimedia for example, is equipped with a 5 Aiki Xtreamer media player and FM radio. Various applications were installed automatically as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Chrome, Google Maps, Whatsapp and many more. Xtreamer also offer Android-based recovery system ClockWord-Mod (CWM). With this application you can replace the Xtreamer's Android Operating System.


Xtreamer Aiki 5 is a smartphone with a unique and cutting-edge features. This smartphone could be an option for those who want great ability in its smartphone devices with low fares that are always updated with the facility. With manufacturing plants in China and offices are located in Europe and Korea make quality no doubt.

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