Game Guardian APK [6.0.2] - How To Cheat Android Game

For those of you who like to play games on Android and HP wanted to try to play cheat, in this post I will discuss some of the cheat engine application for Android.

These applications were made to search for the numbers stored in the memory and change it to your liking. Change score, changing money, and other variables.

Attention: Due to this application you must enter the android system then this application can only be used in HP already in the root. (How nge-root simply googling yes)

Ok, go ahead, this is the application cheat engine for Android:

"Game Guardian" is a memory hack tool. With this application, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun of the game without suffering.

This tool only works with devices that have at-root!

Key Features:

     * Search: Search for a specific value on the game with the right amount.
     * Fuzzy: Looking for a change in the value of, for example, greater or smaller.
     * Lock the game value so fixed (unchanged).
     * Save / Load list of memory to run.
     * Touch the icon to open the Game Guardian tool during games.

Enjoy playing the game in your own way!

I've tried Game Guardian on game Drag Racing to change money but can not change the point RP. And a few other games can also cheat using this application. There is nothing that can not.

How to use game guardian:

* Click the icon of the dog.
* Click search and enter the value you want to change (cash, gold, exp whatever you want)
* When you do will show you a few results now need to change this value (buy something, etc.)
* Click 4.Now fuzzy: if the value has increased, click the larger and if the reduced-click smaller.
* After the function value will decrease the value displayed.
* If it is still too much, repeat this procedure until there is 1 or 2, the value
* When you are sure you will find the value of the things you want to change the hold on her finger for a few seconds and enter as much gold as you want cash.

Download Game Guardian: Perhaps you can not find the Game Guardian in Playstore Google (Android Market) because he has been removed from the list of Google Play. But you can still download it here.

Download Links :
Apk :
Mirror :

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