Zyrex Onescribe ZA985; Zyrex Smartphone Dual Sim and Dual Standby

Zyrex a local PC company-owned brands. Originally Zyrex just making PC. However, now Zyrex industry has extended to mobile gadgets, such as laptops, netbooks, notebooks, and smartphones tabletpc. Smartphone Zyrex there are various kinds of products including Onescribe series, YF, RH, DB, B, M, and Cherry CP. There is also the series Onescribe, Zyrex smartphone released its newest product, namely Zyrex Onescribe ZA985. This product puts the quality of the battery, software, processor, camera, memory, and display as a lure for the people of Indonesia.

Positive and negative appreciation of many filed by consumer smartphone users in Indonesia. There were positive comments related to the specifications of this product are pretty good as a local smartphone. Negative comments related to pricing that is too expensive for the size of the local phone. Many are considered Zyrex smartphone developers do not know the Indonesian market because there are local competitors from the smartphone category no one dared specify who is more well than give Zyrex with cheaper prices, such as Android Pixcom Note 2. But behind the negative comments, the Indonesian people still want to buy this smartphone when it has come down to expectations of local consumers. Prices are expected to range in the number of Rp 1,500,000 (one million five hundred thousand dollars) â € "Rp1.700.000 (one million seven hundred thousand dollars). There is also the specifications of this smartphone are as follows:

Design and Battery

The design of this product has bright colors with black on the front and white on the back. The design is still in the category bar. The dimensions of this smartphone a length of 132 mm, width 67 mm, and a thickness of 10 mm. The weight of this phone is around 148 g. Smartphone Zyrex ZA985 Onescribe this one is a smartphone that has a capacity of 1600 mAh battery with standby time estimates without the use of any estimation about 30 hours and about 15 hours of talk time for 2G network and 8 hours for 3G network usage. This can be interpreted as the battery is used in 3G mode and there are phone use, the battery can only last for 8 hours. The conclusion must be ready users charger to charge 3 times a day.


Screen smartphone offered by products Zyrex this one is of 4.5 inches with IPS touch screen. Using a qHD resolution screen that has 960 x 540 pixels at. The touch screen is used on a touch screen smartphone with a touch more up to a maximum capacity of 5 finger touches at the same time. When the touch screen is very smooth in a normal state. The screen on this smartphone has a protector or patron.


Camera on a smartphone Zyrex Onescribe ZA985 has crystal clear quality. The main has a 8.0 Megapixel camera with LED flash, while the secondary camera which has a capacity of 0.3 Megapixel main camera embedded on the front. So with dual camera placement method produces clearer shots, even from class smartphone iPhone 5 and version below.

Data Processing

Data processing on Zyrex smartphone is powered by a processor of 6557 MT Dual Core 1 which has the power of 1 GHz. Ram owned the smartphone is 1 GB to 4 GB ROM. External memory can be used on the smartphone which uses microUSD up to 32 GB capacity. OS used on a smartphone that uses the Android 4.0.3 â € "Ice Cream Sandwich. Quite unfortunate indeed new smartphones with specifications using only middling Android ICS. But not to worry, the user can upgrade to Android Jelly Bean if you like because this smartphone functionality will still be running and the OS supports it.

Networking and Connectivity

Connectivity on the smartphone is powered by the network, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 2G. One of the advantages offered in this smartphone is a GSM network that will support dual sim. Connectivity in this product is also supported by the presence of GPS, G-sensor, Card Slot, USB Jack, as well as audio jack

Other Features

Other features offered and has not been discussed is the language used in the phone is powered by two languages, Indonesian and English.

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