Reset Printer Canon iP 1980 By Way Manual and Software Resetter

In this article will discuss on how to reset Canon printer. The discussion is about the reset Canon iP 1980 printer products. Reset Canon iP 2770 or series Canon iP 2700, Canon MP 258 printer and also other series will not be discussed here. Reset printer is different because it's covered in a printer reset from different series are made of different treatment accorded by the printer manufacturers, including Canon printer. There had been only a series printer as mentioned above is more due to the series is more widely used by readers and internet users in Indonesia and the search for a treatment solution resetnya way in the major categories. Oiyah user needs to know that the treatment Canon printer reset is performed when the printer is damaged and or has reached the use of thousands of sheets of paper. Reset the printer to function normally again. Okay just below will be discussed about it.

How to Reset Printer Canon iP 1980

There are several things that need to be considered in the printer reset Canon iP 1980 series that has this. First, there are two treatments that can be applied to this series printers. The second treatment is reset manually and also using software resetter. Use software resetter in order to reset the residual permanent ink that can affect the quality of the printer. This treatment should be performed after the manual reset method. Resetter software is software that can be used iPtooL and General Tool resetter for iP 1980 series. Below outlines the manual reset and reset by software resetter permanent.

There are seven steps that need to be done in this series Canon printer reset manually, ie:

   1.      The first step you need to do is to unplug the power from the printer series.
   2.      Then you can press and hold the pressure on the power button after making the first step.
   3.      The third step you can plug-in power of your printer along with hold pressure on the power button.
   4.      After that you have to press the cover button detection still coincided with the power switch on the fourth step. If you can not reach them because of the location, then use that object to be able to do it long. Objects in question could be a pen or pencil or something.
   5.      The fifth step is to be done by you are releasing the power button.
   6.      In the sixth step you have to let go of the button cover detection.
   7.      The last step or seventh step is to close the printer cover, and then turn on the printer.

Above step is reset manually. Here are the steps to use software resetter for Canon printer reset permanently. There are also steps totaling 9 units, namely:

   1.      Use software resetter General Tool Canon iP Series 1980.
   2.      After that, the second step is to change the USB portal to portal Canon.
   3.      The third step is to click on the lock release.
   4.      The fourth step is to click on the option series iP 1980.
   5.      And the fifth is to click on the device id.
   6.      The sixth step is to click the Main and Platen useful to clear waste ink counter.
   7.      The seventh step is to be done is to do a check mark in the box EEPROM.
   8.      Eighth step is to click on the EEPROM dump.
   9.      The latter is a test pattern. If you've done all the steps, then it is finished resetnya.

Oiyah there are additional steps that must be performed by a Canon printer users this series. An additional way is necessary because it affects the performance of the printer and computer devices. The way it should be done after a manual reset, and any permanent reset using software resetter printer is to open and clean or wash the ink pad. Then dry. Not to do it because it will not damage your computer. That some how to reset Canon iP 1980 printer. Hopefully the above mentioned ways can help you all Canon iP 1980 users.

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