DUNGEONS HUNTER 4 Unlimited Gold and Skill apk + data and Cheat For Android

You are already wondering when Dungeon Hunter 4 will come out then today I have good news. Dungeon Hunter 4 scheduled to be released in the App Store this Thursday. This time I had the opportunity to try it first and I will share some of the findings of the fun of this game.


First of all we all can breathe a sigh of relief as Dungeon Hunter 4 does not use the arena system like Dungeon Hunter 3. 4 Dungeon Hunter Dungeon Hunter re-using systems 1 and 2 with a much larger world. There are 4 kinds of characters you can choose from here ranging from class warrior, mage, archer and assassins. I myself choose Blademaster is none other than the dual dagger assassins, movement is very agile and very fast attacks.

Dungeon Hunter 4 is a hack & slash game and that's exactly what you will do throughout the game, mission after mission you are required to clear all the enemies there. During play you will be equipped with 3 active skills and a special move. You who love the character customization would like Dungeon Hunter 4 because this game offers so much customization, ranging from class character, skill (active and passive), system equipment with slots, and a blacksmith who can forge weapons from items you discovered during play.

I had just played up to level 4 and beat the boss first, and so far I love it. In most 3D games hack & slash your character will usually attack combo with a certain direction, so let the enemy die ditengah2 combo then combo the rest of the movement remains to be done in the same direction, which is actually useless because the enemy is dead. 4 in Dungeon Hunter you can change the direction of the character while still issue a combo it would move more natural look.

Speaking gameplay mode is actually a little surprised when I learned that in addition to the single player you can also play multiplayer. What is special is the multiplayer mode is divided again over the co-op, PvP and team battle. Co-op means you and your friends can come together to complete a mission. PVP means you'll play against you and your team means the team will battle against another team. So Even if the single player is over there is still a lot that can be done through multiplayernya.


Dungeon Hunter 4 apparently has a graphic quality is much better than I had expected. Details of the environment is so good and the effects of any skill was amazing. When you walk you can see that the grass sway, in showing how Gameloft attention to the level of detail.

But for me personally the most important point is not the graphics but the voice actors and the inserts are pretty much cutsene movie. This brings Dungeon Hunter 4 far exceeds similar genres. Voice Actornya just feels animate and several opportunities you will be presented a fairly long cut scene and exciting. This time the game by Gameloft makes the composition very well, the story telling and the action.


Dungeon Hunter 4 will be provided free of charge with the implementation of the IAP. I have not played long enough to give an objective view on IAPnya but from initial impressions merely accelerate IAP alone. For example if you want to strengthen your armor then there will be waiting time, or suppose you want to open up the skill faster then you can use the IAP currency. But unfortunately during my play, leveling up, beat the boss I do not get IAP currency altogether. Possibility IAP currency can only be obtained by purchasing. But I will explore this in more detail in the upcoming review.


That feels very different in the Dungeon Hunter series is 4 times the attention to detail which makes Gameloft elements in the game more quality and not just rely on the graphics. Ranging from smooth controls, voice actor for every conversation, inserts cut scene animation to multiplayer mode pretty much. But I got a surprise last :) and it was a size game, Dungeon Hunter 4 can be downloaded with 1GB size and once installed increased to 1.7GB. So prepare enough space and download Dungeon Hunter 4 this Thursday! Cheers

Download Links :
Apk + Data : http://t2.casualgame-down.com/android/new/game1/56/122656/dungeonhunter4_1366285266576.zip?f=wandoujia_2

Mirror : http://www.tusfiles.net/1tzkp0daq2li
Instruction: Install apk and put data on Sdcard\android\obb\

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