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Photo app Instagram is the most popular at this time, using the instagram users are permitted to edit and share photos in sosmed. Instagram issued a new policy that every image is uploaded they will sell and become the property of Instagram, although this policy has been revised. But Rice has become porridge, this policy is a blunder for Instagram as much acc-me shut instagram like NatGeo, celebrities and famous photografer 2.

a few days ago got crowded news that you know about # Instagram unilaterally make policy that I think is detrimental to his fans. Recent policy # Instagram mentioned all members uploaded photos that are proprietary to instagram and they are entitled to sell photos tsb.walaupun now # Instagram revise their statement, if the real intention is not like it and many who misunderstand. but so sdh rice porridge, statement # Instagram blunder and this is so interesting to be discussed together

current acc National Geographic and many famous photographers sdh temporarily disable its acc # Instagram. why the hell ribut2 # Instagram photographers in this, as the policy is associated with copyright and model release. I love dr who # instagram app allows us to share this photo on sosmed & simultaneously edit photos easily. I became a rabid fan who is not fit to read early # Instagram policynya (prev revised) as well as hot and furious # Instagram seem arrogant.

photos together with friends and narcissistic This requires the model release when sold

I will try to study a little you know about copyrighted photos and model release stock photos, and we are sharing brg here. copyright a photograph that is owned by the photographer, but if there is someone there who photographed us then we need the model release. Model and property releases the letter written statement dr horse's mouth (photographed) that they will be used for photo commercial needs. the model release when it is needed, at the moment they will photograph will be sold / leased For commercial needs. while many in # Instagram uploaded a photo model, interior & private photos. that if sale takes the property and model releases.

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