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Here comes Chaos Rings 2. Game production of Square Enix, a Japanese game company known for Final Fantasy series in Playstation console, now also started to spread to iOS. There are already several Square Enix game production is also good it just ported, like Final Fantasy Tactics, and games - new game for iOS as predecessors of this game, Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega. Like what Square Enix game output this? Can he compete with the game - other top iOS games? Well, you should first try to define it, but here I want to share my experience after playing Chaos Rings 2. Here We go ...

Chaos Rings 2 is a RPG game with Japan Style is really thick. Friends - friends who've never played an RPG output cherry country, which is often known as the JRPG surely will not be difficult to play this game. I myself as a fan of RPGs, feel the feel the same as when I play the game - such as the Playstation game Final Fantasy JRPG series, Wild Arms series, or Suikoden Series. The least I can feel is its battle system is turn-Based and voice - the voice of the Seiyu highly appreciate every role. But here the interactive elements of iOS also quite pronounced, as we should be sliding and tapping the screen when playing this game.

Chaos Rings 2


Gameplay in Chaos Rings 2 is not much different from previous series Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega. Turn-Based Battle with 2 people in your party who can perform Solo Action and Pair Action. You have to combine the two in order to defeat the enemy - your enemy. Here too there Sopia, the term in Chaos Rings 2 for skill - Awakening cast magic as well, a kind of special skills that you can use after you fill Charge Bar.

Chaos Rings 2 are also still apply Elemental System is similar to its predecessor, such as Gale (wind) with green attributes, Blaze (Fire) with the attributes of red and Aqua (Water) with blue attributes. Each - each has advantages and disadvantages to each other. Gale weak against Blaze, Blaze weak against Aqua and Aqua is weak against Gale. But there are two more elements that is Holy and Dark that we can not see directly (not denoted by color), can only be known when we issued Analyze skill against the enemy to know his weakness.

Such games - games JRPG in general, the enemy - an enemy that we also become invisible opponent (except bosses) and the random nature of battle. So is the battle is not done in the same folder with what we are exploring, but we will be taken to a special battle for second place our team and 1-3 team the enemy.

Although elements - elements JRPG game in Chaos Rings 2 very pronounced, but this game is still highlight function - the function of iOS anyway. For example, to continue the journey, you have to cut the barrier by performing a slide on your screen. Maybe future element - another element such as Gyroscope iOS can be used also in the game - RPG game

Chaos Rings 2


Because the game Chaos Rings 2-based RPG that prefer the story, so I wanted to explore a little storyline in this game. But here I only discuss the basic story, because if it's too much, then this could be a spoiler review dong: p

The main character in Chaos Rings 2 named Darwin. At the beginning of the game you will meet one on one with the destroyer of the world. But never fear, it's just the intro in this game. After a few moments against the Destroyer, then the story will go back to a few days earlier, in which Darwin and his friend Orlando who worked as a bodyguard are facing hassles monsters - monsters and great earthquakes where - where.

After witnessing the death of their friend who were attacked by monsters, arrived - suddenly they were brought into a room. And arrived - suddenly Darwin controlled by a mysterious force, slashing his own Orlando. It turns out that was brought into the room not only them, but there are 4 others, namely: Marie (Orlando's sister), Li Hua (female martial arts expert with costumes china), Araki (Japanese samurai) and Connor (skipper rich kid who asked Darwin escorts and Orlando).

After that comes a mysterious old man named Bachs, bodyguard carrying a huge giant named Herald trumpet and a female assistant named Lessica. Bachs explained that the task of Darwin is as the expense of fellow nominees - to be his pillar that can seal the back of the Destroyer. Orlando is in the first sacrifice is also one important pillar to seal the back of the Destroyer.

From this story then continues where Darwin on one side fought back to seal the Destroyer, but on the other hand he is very hard to sacrifice friends - friends. That's a tough task undertaken by the Darwin nominees. Luckily, Darwin still has friends - fellow soldier who can count and understanding, even though they know that someday they will be sacrificed by Darwin.

Powered by the sound of the Seiyu highly appreciate the role, making the story in Chaos Rings 2 was very touching. Plus another couple of elements taken from the Bible such as the Four Horsemen and trumpet angel trumpet is sounded at the end of time to add an element of reality of the story in this game. But do not worry friends - friends, is all there in the story anyway ^ _ ^.

Chaos Rings 2


Musicality game - a game that bears the name of the Square Enix is ​​already no doubt. All music and sound in Chaos Rings 2, really - really be taken seriously. Celestial Diva Theme Song sung by Minori Chihara, managed to make my skin crawl when this song played at the Battle phase one is in this game. In addition to the theme song singer, in Chaos Rings 2, Chihara also be Seiyu to figure Lessica.

Shigeru Saito as a music producer for Chaos Rings 2, actually - actually managed to make this game superior in terms of music than the game - other iOS games. I'm happy, even though the maestro Nobuo Uematsu, is no longer in Square Enix, but the quality of the music - the music in the game was not decreased.


It is no doubt, as you can see in the trailer - the trailer, Chaos Rings 2's graphics are topnotch. Details character, animated movements, combined with graphic art galerynya make this game really stand out. Graphics when paired with his brother could play FFXIII on the PS3. But perhaps that is lacking is skill - skill when battle was classed as 'normal' when juxtaposed with other Square Enix games output.

That makes me upset here is not the CGI Movie in Chaos Rings 2. Sometimes I wish when the specific event or moment - given time, it will display a CGI that can make me amazed - amazed. But in fact, from the beginning to the end of the game, CGI which I did not wait long in coming. Well, maybe that caused the space factor why the CGI in this game is eliminated. Total size for Chaos Rings 2 HD for iPad is only 949 Mb. Size is relatively small for a class game Chaos Rings 2.

Chaos Rings 2

Well in overalls, Chaos Rings 2 game ahead of the various aspects such as gameplay, storyline, music and graphics. But this game bundled with the price of $ 19.99, a price that is quite expensive for an iOS game. But if you want to feel asiknya play JRPG on iOS and Android, you better get this game on your device right man, coz this game is really Sugoiiii Desu!!!

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