How to Fix the Android phone boot loop, does not want to start, brick, forget the pin, enter the wrong password or lock pattern

Actually I've been talking about this topic that I wrote the article "How to Samsung Galaxy Mini is locked". However, because many Android users who use mobile phones and other brands of this type are asking how fix Android phones that will not start, boot loop, forget the pin, enter the wrong password or pattern (pattern) lock, so in this article I will inform the way did factory reset through Recovery Mode Android phone more generally.

What is a Factory Reset (Factory Data Reset) Android?

Factory reset is a way to restore the software mobile phone / tablet Android to like new condition out of the factory. Factory reset in general can solve nearly all the problems caused by software defects. For the record, the factory reset will erase all data and applications are stored in the internal memory of the phone / tablet Android.

In general, Factory Reset can be done through the Settings menu (settings)> Privacy (privacy)> Factory Data reset (factory data reset). However, if the cell phone condition will not start or do not want to go into the menu, then to do a factory reset, go through recovery mode.

What is Android Recovery Mode?

Recovery mode is basically Android is an Android menu useful for recovery or repair damaged Android software. In some types of mobile phones, software upgrades can also be done directly through the recovery mode. Not all tablets / phones Android has a recovery mode, but in some types of Android, this can be overcome by installing a third-party recovery mode, for example ClockwordMod recovery or xRecovery.
Recovery mode is useful if you experience the following:

  1. If Android phones can not start or just stop in the logo only (commonly called Android boot loop). This can be caused by several things, such as an application is due to error or just install applications that are not compatible with the type of phone (in many cases, after installing the font changer).
  2. When the Android phone to be powered on, but did not want to respond to input from the user, such as touch screen Android unwilling or unable to get into the phone menu / tablet.
  3. If you forget your PIN, password or you too much to experiment draw the pattern (pattern) lock Android phones that cause you can not get into the menu.
  4. Damages other Android software.

To perform factory reset via recovery mode in general can be done in two easy steps. But before, do with your own risk (DWYOR) or risk borne ok ;)
Here's how:

Step 1: Go to recovery mode
To be able to go into recovery mode Android, you must first turn off the phone / tablet> press and hold some Android keys simultaneously (for example, the vol Up + Vol Down + Power simultaneously)> will go into recovery mode.
How to enter recovery mode (buttons that must be pressed) can vary from one type of HP with other types.
Recovery mode zoom just be text only. And in recovery mode, you generally can not use the touch screen, so to navigate up and down, usually use the volume keys (depending on the type of Android phone).
Here's an example display Android recovery mode:
address android phone forgot pin password or pattern lock pattern
Display Mode Recovery Android
Phase 2: Wipe Data / Factory Reset
Having managed to get into recovery mode, you should do just choose the "Wipe Data / Factory Reset" after that restart your phone.
So you do not get confused, here's an example of how to perform a factory reset on the phone Android Samsung Galaxy Young:

   1. Make sure the battery is still quite a lot (at least 70%)
   2. Switch off your mobile
   3. Press and hold the Volume Up + Power button + HOME buttons simultaneously for several seconds> you will go into recovery mode Android
   4. Using the Volume button, point the cursor to be in writing "Factory reset / wipe data"
   5. Press the HOME button to begin the process of> please be patient during the process
   6. Reboot the phone

So, if you are experiencing boot loop on the Android mobile phone or you forget the password or lock pattern Android phone, all you need to do is go into recovery mode> do Factory Reset / Wipe Data. Now the problem is that many people do not know how to enter recovery mode tablet / mobile Android hers.
Here's how to enter recovery mode several types of Android phones, when there are other types of extra I will update this article. (Sorted alphabetically brand mobile)
Note: To go into recovery mode, everything is done from the condition of dead phone (off)

    Note: For BootLoop case, if after the factory reset did not solve the problem (of Android devices still can not enter the menu), then to cope in general with how to flash the firmware or re-install the operating system of the phone).
    How to flash the firmware of each Android phone or tablet can vary from one type to another type. If you want to flash the firmware and want to know how, try searching for the information through the Android forums, one through community .

How to enter recovery mode BeTouch Acer E210:
Press the Volume Down + Camera + Power Together> Follow the instructions on the screen (Thanks to Rio)
How to enter recovery mode Acer Liquid Metal:
Same way as Acer E210 BeTouch
How to enter recovery mode Cross AD350 Android:
Press the HOME button + Volume Down + press power button> will appear mark /! \> Press the HOME button (Thanks to Lafit)
How to Log in recovery mode CSL Blueberry Mi-410 Android:
Press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power simultaneously> then press the HOME
How to Log in recovery mode CSL Blueberry Mi-320 Android:
Press the Trackpad + Volume Up + Power button simultaneously
How to enter recovery mode Huawei X3:
Press and hold the Power button + vol up
How to enter recovery mode Huawei X5:
Same with the X3, the press and hold the Power button + vol up
Huawei S7 Recovery Mode
Press the MENU + Call + Power
Recovery Mode Ideos C8150 (AHA Touch)
Press the Call + Volume Up + Power Button
How to enter recovery mode IVIO DE88 (thanks to Priadi)
Press and hold the HOME button + Camera button> wait until the Android logo appears, immediately press the MENU + BACK simultaneously. Navigate using the volume buttons to choose or OK to use the Camera button.
How to enter recovery mode Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy Fit Android:
More info can read the article: "How to Samsung Galaxy Mini is locked" (click)
How to enter recovery mode Samsung Galaxy Gio
Press the Power button + HOME
How to enter recovery mode Samsung Galaxy 551:
Press the letter T + Power button. To navigate up and down can use the arrow keys, while to make a selection using the Shift key.
How to enter Recovery mode Samsung Galaxy Pro:
Press the Power button + T
How to enter Recovery Mode Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GSM:
Press the HOME button + Vol Up + Power button simultaneously for a few seconds.
How to Log Rec Mode Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) CDMA:
Turn off the HP> Press the Power button, while the Samsung logo appears> press the VOL UP button to go into recovery mode. If the phone starts normally go into the menu as normal, turn off the phone again and repeat the process from the beginning.
How to Sign In Recovery Mode Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder):

   1. Switch off your mobile
   2. Press the Volume Up + HOME button (the center button) + Power buttons simultaneously> wait until it comes out the logo "Samsung", then immediately release the button three buttons, starting from the power button first.
   3. When the logo appears Android / picture boxes and arrows> press the MENU button (the left button of the HOME button). When not managed to get into recovery mode, repeat step 1.

How to Sign In Recovery Mode Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 "(P1000) / Tab 7 Plus (P6200)
Turn off the tablet then Press the Volume UP + Power button simultaneously until the screen lights
Recovery Mode Samsung Galaxy Note N7000
Press the Volume UP + Home + Power> wait until it says Galaxy Note, after the third escape key


Tom i20 Recovery Mode
Press the Volume up + Power simultaneously
That is a little tutorial how to fix Android phones that can not start, bootlop, brick, forgot password, PIN, enter the wrong pattern / Android lock pattern, etc..
List of how to get into recovery mode I mentioned Android is still a little article. When your phone type or brand is not listed above, you can try to figure out how to get into recovery mode on the Internet or in the Android forums. If you already know it, you can inform the way through the comment form below, useful info from you can make another. Thank you :)

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