Game Dora the Explorer - Games Edutainment for Early Childhood on Apple Devices

Good news for lovers of Dora the Explorer! Now Dora game Dora's Ballet Adventure version has just been released for the loyal users of the iPhone and iPad. If you are a loyal lover Dora, of course you can guess how the story on this Dora game. For Ballet Adventure Dora game series is designed as an interactive adventure game that are like story telling for children aged pre-school.

Nothing wrong anyway if you own an iPhone and also have a toddler, to try to download this game dora. In the game's story begins when Dora dance classes are preparing to perform a special dance performance and the entire extended family was there to watch. All they need to do is wait for a duck to send submissions ballet shoes. But it took wing duck diving (diving equipment) in addition to the ballet shoes.

Dora Games is one interactive episode that will get you to enjoy. Reading, writing, and playing together provide a unique experience for your children. There are many kinds of other cool features of this application in the form of activities, animation, songs, and narratives of Dora itself. The newest version of the game Ballet Adventure Dora's version can be downloaded on the App Store is available in three languages, namely French, Spanish, and English.

Tips from Paseban is to use touch controls to make Dora dance like a bunny, animals use sound to install microphone, play music and learn about instruments, and most importantly, help Dora dance to the magnitude of the event.

Some activities and important information about this dora games, including:

  • Playing with several interactive activities and mini-games dora designed specifically for pre-school age.
  • Powered by reading and listening comprehension, vocabulary is also available in three languages ​​that have been outlined above.
  • Pre-school age can listen to the narration of the story or turn narration Dora and you can read along with your children.
  • For there is the iPad version features larger when compared to the iPhone, certainly with better graphics level anyway.

If you are interested in this Dora games, you can download it at the iTunes AppStore at a price of $ 1.99

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