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The culinary world is never boring even for a virtual culinary world was pretty much grab people's attention, call it a culinary element of the game where we can play as the owner / waitress a restaurant or café as in the game Restaurant Story. After the game Restaurant Story success in the world of Android, the same developer also issued a similar game but with different themes, namely Bakery Story.

As the name implies, this game has a setting in a bakery and tasks you have to manage the store. You can design bakeries liking as the game Restaurant Story. Broadly speaking, this game is more casual and social gamers since there are only two main tasks to be done. First, you must determine the style bread / cake that will be sold, and secondly, you have to prepare a sweet decorations for your bakery.

For business course of the game, Bakery Story must have the same path to social games such as Restaurant Story and Farm Story where you will not really find the final game of the actual game. All you have to do in this game is to raise the level gradually by attracting the attention of consumers and create new roti-roti/cake.

First time playing this game, you have to sort out some bread recipes that have been available and as the level increases, there will be new recipes that can be unlocked. Any bread recipe that used really grilled in real time so that you will feel the atmosphere of managing the actual bakery. For example, for the size of brownies enough with just one minute roasting process while the cake took 24 hours to get the perfect cake. As for the consumer's attention, you have to make sure stock is always available bread to lure the attention of consumers, the bottom line is how you set the balance to do several things at once. So that there is a complete baked bread, you must immediately put on display to be bought by consumers so make sure you do not leave it too long in the oven because it can cause the bread to be burnt and can not be sold. For business shop designs, there are some wall paper (wallpaper), tiled floors and furniture to choose from.

If you feel bored with your own store, you can visit other players with each bakery where you can give tips and explore the neighboring shop. Along with the game popularnya the number of players that can be visited also the more so that the game would take place more exciting. Wall feature can be used to leave messages or exchanging tips and you also can directly connect this game to social networks to get the added bonus.

Features Bakery Goals will take you to get rewards when successfully completed a given mission. Speaking of the graphics, overall it has smooth graphics with cheerful colors because it is seen from the genre of games owned this bakery for women and children.

If you think where the pleasure of playing the game as if there is no end then says social gaming will be the key. When you look at your shop crowded with customers and each other by socializing with other players probably several reasons why the game interesting to play Bakery Story. Perhaps the game's weakness is as if just to copy the entire contents of the game Restaurant Story where only the main focus is just being revamped bakery. To note, Bakery Story is a social online game meant to play this game you have to connect to the Internet.

Bakery Story Valentine’s Day 
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