Zenonia 5 Apk Offline Crack Free Download and Review - The Return Series Epic RPG from Gamevil

Zenonia 5 Apk Offline Crack Free Download and Review - How are the Zenomania? Surely you're very, very waiting game on this one. I waited until it was already finished this game recently wrote this review because Zenonia RPG series is one of the best free and I want to get an overall feel. So let's see what's on offer this 5 Zenonia.

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Like the previous games Zenonia, Zenonia 5 story about the struggle of the hero beat the devil. The story of this game takes place several hundred years after Regret in Zenonia 4 Shaturu defeat the Dark Lord. After the Dark Lord is defeated, the nation remaining demons escape to a secluded spot for a moment to take revenge on the human race.

After a few hundred years as people increasingly greedy for power and wealth, the nation is becoming increasingly powerful demons start attacking the human world again. Here's your job as the hero, yes beat the leader of the nation devil. Glance around the storyline of each Zenonia series something like hell, the only difference being how the hero against the devil.

What I regret is that the story in this game is too linear. Although you are given the freedom to choose 4 different characters, but all four characters have the same story. Yes, if in Zenonia 4 does not matter because the story was the same character is also just one. Here there are four figures, but has the same story. Hmmm ...

Well if you had been out of the story now from the gameplay and the quality of this game. Ga have you doubt me, this game was really solid. Jauhhh graphics sharper than Zenonia 4. How to play the game is still the same as the Zenonia 4 and also KRPG in general so I'm not going to explain more about the core gameplay.

In the Zenonia 5 modes PvPnya feels more alive and challenging than prequelnya. Why do I say challenging? The first is a better AI. In the Zenonia 4 enemies tend to run toward us and how to defeat it simply by issuing a trap in front of you stand.

But if you are here, your opponent can use detours and avoid the pitfalls that you have prepared. Plus also rewards and points that you get after PvP, makes me sometimes prefer to play PvP rather than completing the storyline. Just yes, big quality come with big costs, the game is quite heavy when played on iPad 2. If I minimize the game and open it again, sometimes lag like Zenonia 5 or there are missing parts of her voice, to make it normal again, I have to restart the game.

Well gamers may well ask, if the game is "Freemium" also like prequelnya? The answer is yes. Zenonia this 5 more items you can buy using ZEN (paid currency in this game). From the start stat, skill, item chest, even cool avatars that can only be purchased using the ZEN. But you do not be afraid. Gamevil often emit events with prizes ZEN's free. So if you want to be patient and diligent follow events from Gamevil, you can also get a really cool avatar you want.

In overall game is pretty perfect, quality is more perfect than its predecessor game, PvP system is more challenging, new items are cool and many more other cool things you can get in this game. Make friends Zenonia series fans, this game surely you must not miss dong, again when playing games like Action RPG to beravatar Kamen Rider ... Have fun with Zenonia 5


  1. Zenonia 5 ini bisa untuk PC nggak ya?

    1. yang versi pcnya ane lum nemu gan, tp kalo menjalankannya di PC pake BlueStacks aja