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Game Angry Birds v1.0.0 PC Star Wars is cross-over of the Angry Birds and Star Wars. This unique partnership between Rovio Entertainment and Lucasfilm that combines all the fun of the classic Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space with character, story, and setting the epic space fantasy Star Wars.

Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version
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Star Wars Characters Angry Birds v1.0.0 PC:

* Red Bird: Luke Skywalker
* Pink Bird: Princess Leia
* Yellow Bird: Han Solo
* White Bird: C-3PO
* Bomb Bird: Obi-Wan Kenobi
* Big Brother Bird: Chewbacca
* Egg: R2-D2
* Blue Bird: Wedge Antilles
* Unknown New Bird: Yoda
* Java Birds: Jawas
* Minion Pigs: Stormtroopers
* King Pig: Darth Vader
* Moustache Pig: Snowtroopers

Minimum system requirements:

* OS Windows XP SP2
* RAM 512MB
* Graphic OpenGL 1.3 compatible

Regardless of the criticism that pinned him, admittedly Rovio managed to maintain the momentum achieved by their flagship franchise puzzle game - Angry Birds. Although impressed exploit their flagship game is in excess, one that is appropriate for the thumbs up, Rovio is almost never just injects changes were not significant for the new series they release. Rio came up with an alternative plot, Seasons come up with a visualization settings kept updated, Space gameplay mechanism even comes with a completely new by injecting the laws of physics in it. Therefore, anticipation mounting casual gamer certainly a surprise when Rovio,introduced.

Skepticism which had been following the announcements related to this one. Coming from two different worlds, Angry Birds and Star Wars are never many of the same thread. On the other hand, all games involving big name Star Wars is always associated with genres such as action and non casual MMO. Therefore, the fear that this series will appear as a full series of gimmick that sells only the popularity of Star Wars as sci-fi legend is not unwarranted. But since the early introduction, Rovio Angry Birds have always stressed that Star Wars will come with a variety of significant new features that will make it appear as a different series. So, which is true in opinion between these two viewpoints? The opportunity to prove it finally comes directly after Rovio released  to the market.

Bzzzz ..... zzzzzz .... zzzzzz

So what about the overall performance of this game? Can he prove himself? Why do we call it a series that is not just selling the name of Star Wars as a gimmick? We will peel over the past review this time.
Not Only Just Gimmick!

One of the obvious from a combination of "absurd" is the presence of the characters and settings are identical to the world of Star Wars that we have known.

The first thing you might notice right from the Angry Birds Star Wars is a world that is designed to get the atmosphere of the legendary sci-fi is. Rather than dealing with the pig back in the conventional form as it is known gamer during these, Rovio inject design adaptation is recognized, synonymous with iconic characters from the Star Wars SAGA, both in terms of the birds as the main character, and the pig. Of the pigs, they will be wearing costumes from the Imperial that would be familiar in the eyes of the fans of Star Wars - from Stormtrooper, TIE warplane series, until Vader himself. While on the side of the birds, they are now up and shaped like the main characters of Star Wars. You will quickly recognize the figure of Luke, Hans Solo, Chewbacca up with a design that is so identical.

The bird has now come up with a design that represents the physical characteristics of some iconic Star Wars characters. Just look at the "Chewbacca" which has enough brute force to knock down any material.

While the pigs also get the same visual overhaul. Look at how the pig has now become owned by Imperial TIE Series.

But if you only rely on visualization and design setting Star Wars, the Star Wars series of Angry Birds has the potential to fall just as a gimmick not significant which may not be able to attract the attention of gamers and fans of the movie series. But fortunately, Rovio plans carefully blend these two big names. Although it comes with a primary mission that stays the same, make sure the pig "extinct" in total in each mission, AB: SW keep offering new gameplay atmosphere. Everything rests on the birds that now comes with a myriad of new forces that are always synonymous with the name Star Wars.

The red bird that acts as "Luke" to mengayungkan Lightsaber flagship to destroy any obstacle in sight ..

While the "Hans Solo" laser can fire in any direction he wants in a straight line. But beware, there are now besiyang material can reflect lasers.

The pig is indeed still be hiding behind a pile of material variations which then forms a pattern of certain buildings to protect them. However, the bird Star Wars is coming to the diverse capabilities of their new identical. If once they are distinguished from the color, now they have the unique ability according to the Star Wars character designs they wear. The red bird "Luke" can now mengayungkan Lightsaber, the black bird "Obi Wan Kenobi" able to use the Force to push the existing material, giant Chewbacca to break through obstacles with brute force, as well as Hans Solo is capable of firing laser straight toward anywhere you want. With this new power, Rovio combining two different worlds - Angry Birds and Star Wars in the new series.

Of the two new world provided by Rovio - Tatooine and the Death Star, Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay also incorporates two mechanisms they have introduced so far - a conventional gravity and Angry Birds-style physics laws antariksanya Space.

Space Mechanisms of course offers more complex challenges in Angry Birds Star Wars.

Available in two great world level, Angry Birds Star Wars, besides the unique blends Star Wars, also managed to combine the gameplay of Angry Birds mechanism conventional and Mechanism offered Rovio Angry Birds in Space. In Tatooine, he moved with Angry Birds conventional way to work, while at the Death Star, the laws of physics that makes Angry Birds Space show so unique is applied. This means you must be exposed to a variety of planetary laws of physics, especially gravity but to think about how to take advantage of each of the bird's unique skills to work at maximum. How to change its own level? Rovio just inject new material properties of iron, which can now reflect laser blaster in accordance with the angle menghujamnya. But this material can be destroyed after being attacked several times.

Two of the most iconic robot from the Star Wars - C3PO and R2D2 are also presented in this series!

Not only are all the birds on top, two iconic characters in the Star Wars - C3PO and R2D2 also starred in Angry Birds: Star Wars, but only appeared as a weapon to complete the bonus stages can be unlocked after finding a golden egg in a certain amount. C3PO could break himself and his role is like a cluster bomb, while R2D2 able to generate electricity to destroy all enemies nearby.

One of the most obvious weaknesses of each series of the Angry Birds is the concept of the enemy, here, the pork that seemed to willingly waiting to be destroyed by the birds. Although it is quite understandable, given the Angry Birds is not an action game, but the puzzles, but the static nature of the pig is admittedly potentially reduce the actual experience can be created by Rovio. Especially considering they will adapt a concept full of sci-fi adventure action side into the angry birds are. Fortunately, for the Angry Birds Star Wars, they meyuntikkan a new idea that they should have been implemented long ago. Absolutely, no longer silent, the pigs are now beginning to fight fierce.

Not only can shoot the pig, the pig also now has a turret that will continue to shoot the laser in a fixed interval.

The bird with a lightsaber and Force abilities can easily reverse these lasers.

No longer a silent, some unique in the level of pig now also started to take up arms and shoot the laser to attack you. But not actively, this laser is fired only with the direction that has been fixed and the fixed interval at any time. So what does it do? If you're one directing the bird and accidentally moving towards the laser, then the bird would represent new conditions hit certain materials. They glide direction going awry and they can no longer use their unique abilities each. Not only is the pig, is also sometimes attack from a variety of turret

However, like Star Wars, the laser gun is a joke. Some of the birds that represent the character of Star Wars characters with a force, such as the red bird and the bird with a black lightsaber with Force Push could easily reverse the laser is fired in their direction. Just stay activate skills at the right time, then you can reverse the direction of the laser and it has the potential to make some profit from it. Or you could destroy the foundation rests the little pig / turret that emit laser to change the position becomes more unstable, so it is possible they will shoot into directions that would destroy more building materials and pigs. Rather than threatening, these lasers actually appear as an "alternative response" puzzle that will perform more effectively.

Instead of destroying, you can also create a foundation footing the armed pigs become unstable and make them move in the wild. The result? Lasers are a threat it can be an alternative answer for the level you are facing. As we embed the picture above.

"Darth Vader" with the Force Choke!

Not only are the birds that have the ability to force the uniqueness, the pig is now also appear in the "class" different. Two classes are most easily noticed and are difficult enough class shaped TIE Fighter aircraft continues to move along the mission and the Darth Vader of course the design is formed of three pigs with typical Vader mask. TIE force you to predict the movement before it can be destroyed, while Vader has Force Choke is capable of holding material so it does not move "wild" when driven by the birds. No doubt, the two classes will require more attention to you, at least a different solution strategies.

As an absurd idea with no common thread, Angry Bids Star Wars was able to find its own unique shape and lead mekanise gameplay that will satisfy any fan base.

If you are a gamer who is skeptical of efforts to incorporate Rovio Angry Birds and Star Wars, it has to be recognized, it leads to amazing results that count. The idea is absurd without the red thread was able to find its own unique shape and lead gameplay mechanism that would satisfy both the fans of Star Wars and Angry Birds itself. This combination gave birth to an adaptation that thankfully, does not just perform mere gimmick, but resulted in significant gameplay changes. The bird has now come up with a unique ability ala Star Wars is cool, while the pigs now play a more "active" and no longer simply act as a victim just waiting for death. The bad-tempered bird, pig costumes are so familiar, and Vader with Force Choke? Awesome job, Rovio!

Is this game then do not come with certain drawbacks? For the casual gamer who only pursue this game for fun and do not obsess to collect a perfect score for each level, Angry Birds Star Wars should be recognized, accounted for a very easy to solve. The ability of some characters like birds representing Hans Solo really make the job so easy, even the potential to "kill" the identity of the Angry Birds themselves. Why? With a laser you can point it straight up where you want, it is no longer good for anything you have to weigh carefully the direction in birds before launch. It Became pointless!

But despite all the shortcomings, Rovio again managed membutkikan themselves, that they are not just exploiting Angry Birds without any innovation. Creativity has managed to combine the two worlds are so different in Angry Birds Star Wars. If you are casual gamers who are familiar with this franchise before, make sure you try out the latest series of this one. Angry Birds Star Wars itself is available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.

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