Dream House Days apk Free Download and Review, New Kairosoft Games Available For Free

There is good news for ya-playing simulation games such as artificial Kairosoft Game Dev Story or Kairobotica. Kairosoft has just released a new game with a free price previously been done on the Beastie Bay, this latest game titled Dream House Days.

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Dream House Days Full Free || Mirror
Alternative || papktop.com/download/?postid=81156

Like the previous game made by Kairosoft, you will find here but with the simulation genre different game types. Your job is to be a landlord as well as the architect for the building is vacant land with different types of buildings that will be leased to people who live in the area you mentioned.

Not just any building, but you also have to adjust the layout in the room that can increase the rent. For example, put the canvas and piano simultaneously in one room art or HDTV along with game consoles in the game room. Through this feature, it is apparent Dream House Days is a simulation game with the concept of micro management.

Well, if you're wondering why Kairosoft very generously gave the game a free price? You must have guessed that there would IAP to purchase certain additional features and advertising that will appear throughout the game running. If you do not object to all of this and understand the consequences of Freemium games fun please directly through the link below.

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